Reconnect to nature

Your Baita immersed in the green heart of the Trentino.
Let yourself be regenerated by the gurgling of water: the torrents Lozen and Vanoi meet right in front of our Eco-Baita. Sit with us in our green meadow, enjoying the sun and the views. Breathe the pure air and feel stress leaving you little by little.
Enjoy the truly cosy atmosphere that only a small structure can offer.

Eco-Baita Natura Spensierata

For you only the best of what nature offers.

Eco-Baita Natura Spensierata

To see things from a “higher” point.

Eco-Baita Natura Spensierata

A recharge for body and soul.

Eco-Baita Natura Spensierata

We have Nature at heart!!!


Your Baita immersed in the green heart of the Trentino

Let us introduce ourselves: we are Linda and Matteo

… with our two Weimaraners Nina and Olivia. Two young people with a steady job, a normal quiet life and all the security and commodity of a big city. We lived in Padova spending our days in front of the computer always in a hurry to keep up with our frenetic lifestyle and various commitments. Whenever possible, during the weekend, we would escape to the mountains for a little trekking, to breath fresh air and break away from the greyness, to find again contact with nature.

During our hikes we often happened to say.

“How lovely it would be to live here permanantly”

Words that were a dream, but that little by little, like a drop of water that drips always in the same place, dug an abyss inside us.

One September day when Linda woke from a long and complicated operation for endiometrosis, we understood that life is short and that to continue to postpone thinking that one day there would be time to realize our dreams was the right way not to truly live our lives. And so we took our destiny in our hands.

We began to look for a place suitable to our needs: immersed in greenland with lots of land to be able to grow our vegetables and some rooms to start a small reception structure,green and ecocompatible.

Many envy us our courage and luck. But good luck does not arrive alone. It must be built with your own hands and much sacrifice.

Discover Eco-Baita

A family environment

Many ways to relax

In our Eco-Baita you can find a dedicated  Wellness Center.


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Official Opening of the Eco-Baita Natura Spensierata

Official Opening of the Eco-Baita Natura Spensierata

It is now only a few days until the official date of the opening of our refurbished Eco-Baita Natura Spensierata.Today it is raining but from tomorrow sunshine and an increase in temperature is forcast. An ideal climate for a few days holiday in the...


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