It is now only a few days until the official date of the opening of our refurbished Eco-Baita Natura Spensierata.
Today it is raining but from tomorrow sunshine and an increase in temperature is forcast. An ideal climate for a few days holiday in the Dolomites..

Our structure cosy and homely is the perfect starting place for springtime excursions in the Dolomites of San Martino di Castrozza, in Val Canali in the green Valle di Vanoi or to Fiera di Primiero.

Finally the 20 April is almost here and with it the long awaited holiday to dedicate some time to yourself. Would you like to go for a walk? Then perhaps to spend enjoy a couple of hours in the SPA in total relaxation? Do you wish for Dolomite landscapes in that moment of the year when it is still not hot and the snow not completely melted?

The right place for you and your holiday at Primiero is our Eco-Baita. A cosy and silent place in close contact with nature. A place where you can enjoy delicious breakfasts prepared with local produce and home-made bakery still fragrant. A place in which contact with people is real, in which two young people have decided to revolutionize their lives for a simple a nd sincere existence.

For us, in fact, the opening day is also the day of change. My husband Matteo and myself with our two dogs Nina and Olivia decided to change our lives. We locked up our house in the centre of town (Padova), put up the “ For Sale” sign and decided to change our lives radically. Leaving a steady job we decided to take the challenge.

Baita Natura Spensierata

The step wasn’t easy. The difficulties we came across numerous.You may think that to change your life may have only positive aspects but when investing so much above all emotionally when you “take the plunge” the fears are never just a few. Even if you are abbandoning a life you don’t like, that makes you sad and unhappy you always have fears and anxiety.

You know that what you had before, like clothes that are too tight and uncomfortable but old and familiar .You don’t know what you will find and the questions are many.
But our enthusiasm is our strength.

Come and meet us and try our hospitality. Come and have a holiday that you won’t easily forget.

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